Cool Story Bro

FullSizeRender-4 So this is me. I sing while driving and am up in the morning while everyone else is still asleep, but then still have enough energy to drive everyone around me crazy for the rest of the day (sorry to the people around me). I speak a couple of languages so if you ever meet me get used to it that I mix and match them a lot..yes I am fluent in Dinglish!
Most importantly, I always find a reason to smile.

I was skiing before I could walk, and I was always active in sports. Did Ice Skating, dancing, yoga, cycling, running… I guess like a lot of you who like to do many things at once and are just sad that there is just not enough time to do all of it!
At the moment if not working or sleeping you will find me at the Crossfit Box or in my Oly shoes!

For me Paleo is a part of my lifestyle, but just because I follow it pretty closely doesn’t mean that everyone else has to. I love sweets, always had. Finding a way to make them healthy and to concquer cravings was the best thing along this Paleo journey for me. I don’t ever measure or weight food anymore. I have never slept better and had balanced energy throughout the day.

My promise to you is that Fresh My Life products have the finest organic ingredients I can find, are mixed, packaged and labeled by hand. And yes, this means that I have a lot less time for myself but at all the time know exactly what is inside of every single FreshML Paleo Product. My Fran time might not be the best but my Paleo Treats definitely are. 😉


Fresh My Life knows that it takes quality ingredients to create quality food!
That’s why our treats use only the best 100% natural, organic ingredients.
Ingredients with healthy fats that will fill you up while giving you energy; and
enough sweetness to conquer your cravings (reduced cravings = loosing fat!).

The real food from our bars will supply your body with quality proteins and smart carbs.
They are in charge that you get more efficient workouts, form nice muscles,
have balanced energy throughout the day and get better sleep at night.

made with love


For athletes who are looking for an energy boost before hitting the workout
For athletes who are looking for faster muscle recovery after the workout
For students while studying to improve concentration
For business people before the meeting to reduce the stress
For parents who want their kids to have healthy on-the-go snack
For everyone who is tired of funky preservatives and artificial fillers and wants to snack guilt-free