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Monthy Supply Energy Bars

70,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten.

It is definitely not easy to eat healthy in our stressful everyday lives. Not having time to prepare our snacks and not planning it in advance is the biggest problem. Because once you are hungry it is too late to think about prepping the healthy snacks, by this time you probably reached for some refined sugar loaded snack at the nearest store.

Don’t bring yourself in the situation that you have nothing healthy to snack on during the day.

With this bundle you will have enough bars for the whole month without having to think about your daily dose of healthy snacks!

If you already love our bars and can’t live without them this bundle is perfect for you.

Have them while studying or during the long hours at the office for more concentration and to reduce stress, enjoy them as a healthy snack throughout the day and to control your appetite. Definitely have some before your workout for more energy and faster recovery.

Monthly supply of Paleo energy bars includes a mix of 30 paleo energy bars delivered straight to your door for healthy snacking.

Apple cinnamon paleo energy bar, 40g

Chocolate goji paleo energy bar, 40g

Coconut paleo energy bar, 40g

Pecan pie energy bar, 40g

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